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This Acknowledgement is between you and the following organization:

Company Name: Yolo Travel Collective, Doing Business As (DBA): Yolo Travel Co., YTCO or YTC 

Company Address: 10520 Chapel Hill Rd, #82, Morrisville, North Carolina, 27560 

Company Email: 

Company Phone: 919.378.1484  



Thank you for traveling with Yolo Travel Collective. As used in this policy, “we,” “us,” “our”, and “Yolo Travel Collective”, mean Yolo Travel Collective, and “you”, “your”, “traveler” and “guest” means the customer, guest, traveler, buyer, and/or consumer. The following terms and conditions “Terms” refer to all travel products and services acquired. Please review this acknowledgement carefully as it contains essential information about your Yolo Travel Collective experience. By purchasing any travel product or service with Yolo Travel Collective you are bound by the terms established in this agreement and our Terms & Conditions.


Our company continually changes, as do some of our policies and any rules and regulations posted on the site. We may or may not contact you with said updates or changes. It is your obligation to check the site for any recent changes to any of our policies. Yolo Travel Collective reserves the right to revise this agreement and Terms & Conditions at any time without providing notice to our guests. Your continued use of the site or the services shall be deemed an irrevocable acceptance of any such revisions.




I recognize potential cancellations, refunds, changes, re-booking, and surcharge policies and fees by suppliers and Yolo Travel Collective. I understand it is my responsibility to read and abide by such policies, Terms & Conditions. I agree to the listed fee Terms & Conditions set forth in the Agreement and will not dispute or chargeback any of the acknowledged charges as such or any charge set forth in my payment(s).


I acknowledge that Yolo Travel Collective is not responsible or liable for the failure of any charges to be authorized by my debit/credit card company and is not responsible or liable for any defaults, fees, pricing, or cancellations caused by any debit/credit issues, including, but not limited to charge, charge limits, daily limits, or error in information obtained.




I am responsible for making payments of the total amount(s) due on the specified dates and acknowledge that Yolo Travel Collective is not responsible or liable if the payment made is less than the balance that does not equal the amount required to be paid.




I acknowledge that my trip does not include travel insurance/trip protection. I have been informed that I am under no obligation to purchase trip protection/travel insurance and that I can purchase trip protection/travel insurance if I choose to from any supplier of my choice. I understand the risk of not purchasing trip protection/travel insurance should I choose not to purchase it.


I understand that I am solely responsible for any cancellation penalties and out-of-pocket expenses incurred. I will also make my own separate travel, medical, and any other provisions in the event of an emergency while I am traveling. 


I understand that I am not protected from loss in the event of any travel vendor, travel supplier, or any travel-related operator default. I understand I am solely liable for all airline fees, supplier fees, and agency fees that may apply, and I hereby release Yolo Travel Collective and its agents, partners, employees, and contractors from any and all liability related to the trip described.





Our policy is that we DO NOT sell your personal information. If this should change, those changes will be posted on the site.





We may provide links to 3rd party sources such as websites, applications, content, or software (“3rd parties”). When you use a link online to visit 3rd parties, you will be subject to their privacy policy and the jurisdiction of governing law. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with their terms and disclosures regarding your personal information. We are not responsible for the handling of your personal information when using, accessing, or visiting 3rd party sites.





We use reasonable physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to protect and limit access to personal information. This includes device safeguards used in accordance with industry standards.


It is understood by you that the personal information you submit to us electronically may not be secure when it is transmitted to us. Specifically, we recommend that you do not use unsecured or public channels to communicate sensitive or confidential information.

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